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Have You Read The Blog - Keep Upto date with sourcefabric
  • There are two nice spots to find wonderful information
    • The Blog - https://blog.sourcefabric.org/en/news/blog/ - where exciting news are found and occasionally you will find some wonderful ways  to do some task by many author like
    • Adam Thomas Get the most out of Airtime smart blocks
      Lucile Neden  How to broadcast live in Airtime
      Daniel James Open source digital DJ: Integrating Airtime and Mixxx
      Micz Flor    Schedule stream recordings from the command line, Part 1 & 2

    If you Are new to Airtime then hop over to these resources  and do not forget to RTFM


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  • some of the links are here - although they do appear to be (re?)written in such a way to attempt to nudge users towards the "pro" service the advice is valid for all the versions


    this is the youtube playlist for airtime


    was there not a Wiki for airtime somewhere (I'm sure I saw it a while back). One problem for new users is that the documentation is not always that easy to find; stuff is jumbled up on this site across about 3 or 4 interlinked projects; and on this forum useful info can often get missed or buried due to the amount of people asking for help.

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