[SOLVED] Airtime not adding media to library
  • Hi there,
    I have installed Airtime on a clean Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS virtual machine. I am able to login to the web interface and work with it, however uploading media to the server is a problem. It says that is has uploaded successfully, however I cannot see the files on the server under /home/kyle/airtime/ (Which is my media folder), nor is it listed in the library.

    Sudo airtime-check-system returns:

    AIRTIME_STATUS_URL             = http://Kyle-Ubuntu:80/api/status/format/json/api_key/%%api_key%%
    KERNEL_VERSION                 = 3.13.0-32-generic
    MACHINE_ARCHITECTURE           = x86_64
    TOTAL_MEMORY_MBYTES            = 2049944
    TOTAL_SWAP_MBYTES              = 2095100
    AIRTIME_VERSION                = 2.5.1
    OS                             = Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS x86_64
    CPU                            = Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz
    WEB_SERVER                     = Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)
    PLAYOUT_ENGINE_MEM_PERC        = 0.7%
    PLAYOUT_ENGINE_CPU_PERC        = 0.0%
    LIQUIDSOAP_MEM_PERC            = 0%
    LIQUIDSOAP_CPU_PERC            = 0%
    -- Displaying log file /var/log/airtime/pypo-liquidsoap/ls_script.log
    -- 2014/10/07 14:20:09 [stdout:3] #########################################
    -- 2014/10/07 14:20:11 [threads:3] Thread "http polling" terminated (0 remaining).
    -- 2014/10/07 14:20:11 [main:3] Cleaning downloaded files...
    -- 2014/10/07 14:20:11 [main:3] Freeing memory...
    -- 2014/10/07 14:20:11 >>> LOG END
    MEDIA_MONITOR_MEM_PERC         = 0.7%
    MEDIA_MONITOR_CPU_PERC         = 0.0%
    -- There appears to be a problem with your Airtime installation.
    -- Please visit http://wiki.sourcefabric.org/x/HABQ
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    ubuntu 14 is not supported yet. just read manual.
    try ubuntu 12.04 or debian wheezy with automated installation http://sourcefabric.booktype.pro/airtime-25-for-broadcasters/automated-installation/
    and be sure to use php5.4 (NOT 5.5) and apache 2.2
    there are several threads here about this topic, just search for v-host or php5.4

    most common issue nowadays
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  • I have it running on 14.04. Not for the feint hearted. But you do a manual install, and fiddle a bit with the repository lists, The lastest running files, from the Git, work here on php 5.5.
    You just have to make a new apache virtual host file and a sample is provided in the Manual install docs.

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  • Hi John,

    Do you have a more detailed overview of what you did? I know changing the virtual host file, but what repo changes did you have to make?

  • Hmm.. From memory I had to add the Universe repo source and Liquidsoap's repo (different later version required)
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  • I have managed to get it working - the virtual host given in the manual works and PHP 5.5 is supported. I cloned the git repo and did a minimal install. Once that is complete I needed to edit /etc/apache2/ports.conf adding "NameVirtualHost *80" to the top of the file. Restarted the server and all sorted