Why can't I edit SmartBlocks, only delete them?
  • However, I'm seeing in 2.5.1 that once a SmartBlock has been added to a show, it's imposssible to edit its criteria, only to delete it.

    Is this a bug, or intended behavior?

    Also,  it'd be nice if Airtime gave some indication of WHICH shows specifically were "overlapping", so you could delete them and get them out of the way. It seems like it gets confused at times and thinks there are overlapping shows when in fact there are none.

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  • Ah, my bad. It turns out I cannot edit SmartBlocks from within the Now Playing screen! It only allows Delete.

    It looks deceptively identical to the Library screen, but it's not.

    When in the LIbrary screen, I can edit SmartBlocks again! Happy.

    I just have to remember not to try to edit them from within the Now Playing.