cpu 100%
  • Hi

    our sites have started to crash again because of cpu usage at 100%

    this used to happen just over a year ago so we tried xcache / apc etc but that didnt work so in the end opted for a larger VPS

    currently 8 CPUs running 6 sites using 4.0 - 4.2

    cant find anything in log file and last week it crashed at 2.30pm and last nigh at 1.30am so its not like a user issue

    any thoughts as to why and how to fix
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    it could be a problem of host server. You should talk with hoster.
  • It was them who contacted me

    they have asked if their is any security patches needed, ive got some joomla stuff on their as well so just updating that

    what would be the most likely cause of this
  • I have talk to our host again about this crash as it has happened a couple of times this past month and he has sent me this

    As you can see, the load average went to 93 (when normally we'd expect it to be under 5). The servers memory became completely exhausted. This all happened within the space of 5 minutes or so.

    From what i can see, the issue isn't actually related to a specific account or request, but the sheer number of simultaneous processes on your server - see the 'Tasks' count. 922 tasks (or processes), where at this exact moment on the server now it's under 200.

    The question is, are these sudden 900 simultaneous requests legitimate traffic, or is it a problem with your site perhaps looping back and requesting itself for exmaple?

    The last coupld of crashes have happened at 9pm and 4.30am which is hardly peak traffic for B2B websites.
    Is their anything that can be done - i have enclosed a screenshot of the top output just before crash

  • You can try to change the scheduled actions so that they happen on different times for each website. 
  • What scheduled actions do you mean?