Installing Dependency (ImageMagick)
  • Hi...
    I just found Sourcefabric Newscoop a few days ago and i think it's exactly
    what i need...

    I am going to create some kind of Online News Media, and I want to use the
    Newscoop Framework. But before I upload to my paid hosting server(Linux
    Server), I want to try the framework in my localhost (Windows).

    I already tried to install but it's failed. I use XAMPP as Apache Server.
    The error message is

    Missing dependency! Please install all dependencies with composer.

    curl -s | php
    php composer.phar install

    After I check, PHP, MySQL, APACHE already installed. but for ImageMagick
    not found.
    The problem is installing the imagemagick is so confusing because it has so many version... i dont
    understand how to install it and which version i must install for my localhost....

    Can sourcefabric help me how to install image magick?

    Or maybe the error message have the other meaning?

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    I have no idea how to start newscoop on windows. You should use virtual linux box on your windows machine.
    Google it: installing ubuntu on windows virtualbox
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  • @Sebastian: i already try the demo. But my purpose is to learn the installation process.:)

    @Andrey & Sebastian: Maybe I must change my question. I purchased Hosting Server and it's Linux Server. I got FTP Account and CPanel Account. How I Install ImageMagick to my hosting server? Via CPanel? Thank you
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    As I know shared hosting doesn't allow to install any additional software except scripts. You should ask hoster support instead.
  • oooo..... ok Andrey. thank you for your reply....
  • All software you need is probably available for you on the server. Upload the Newscoop files via FTP and then go to your website in a web browser and follow the instructions, enter the database info that you can find in CPanel.

    If you have access to SSH or Shell from CPanel, you can try to install it by following the instructions for automatic installation in the manual, but this is sometimes disabled on shared hosting. 
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