Fail to set import-folder
  • Hey friends,

    i played around with the import-folder and the watched-folders. I changed the directorys. Now i can't say "take the original one". I choose the original folder and the message appears: 

    • /srv/airtime/stor/imported/ is already set as the current storage dir or in the watched folders list.

    But that's wrong. It's not the current folder or a watched folder... The current folder is /bin/ (only for a test) and i didn't have watched folders...

    Holy shit. I't seems that i have to reinstall airtime again - i don't have the time to find the crap and fix it, cause i move to paraguay, but the radio have to play in this time. So, maybe somebody can tell me, where is the bugtracker? It seems like a bug. I thought i love airtime - but why is it so buggy? It's so buggy, that i think about, to get involved to the developer-team... I think, when i'm in paraguay i will send a request. Airtime seems like so lovely, but so buggy too... the import-folder, the calender, ... I bedan to love airtime and it seens only right, to give a little bit back.

    Back to the roots: where can i report bugs?
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    Hi Paul,
    you can rerun the installation by apt-get --reinstall airtime</code><code class="notranslate">

    bug-tracker is here =>

    most of the config-files are listed here
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  • Hey hoerich,

    i said it allready: excuse my late answer. Now i'm landed in Paraguay... Only want to say: thank you for your comment! I'm looking forward for Airtime 3, too. Cause i think some bugs will be eliminated. I thought there is a release at the beginning of 2014? ... but now its April 2014... Do you know something about that?

    Thank you again for your support! Greetings from Paraguay!