Cannot Schedule Overlapping Shows
  • Trying to schedule a show for first Wednesday of the month.  There is currently nothing scheduled on ANY Wednesday EVER.  However, I put in the info and hit schedule and I get cannot schedule overlapping shows.  I tried changing the time slot to later in the day, earlier in the day, from 2 hours to 1 hour, etc and nothing would work.  We are running 2.5.1.  Server, Airtime, User, etc are all set to use EST/EDT time zone.
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  • Had my other admin give it a try:

    "I got it to repeat to September. October is the issue. I couldn't do October or later but September worked. Even though nothing is scheduled for then. I can add them manually on Oct Nov Dec though. But can't do a repeat on them. Doesn't matter what time I put, won't repeat. I tried repeating just to October it failed, did a manual on October and it worked. Tried to repeat that UNTIL December and it failed, did manuals on November and December fine. Can't do repeats though."
  • I got this error today, when changing to a show that was scheduled and wanted to edit the finish time.

    I am airtime pro hosting by source fabric themselves.
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    @ Terry,

    The problem you met might be the case we found recently.

    There's some ghost show instance(s) in your database. You probably need to clean those instances blocking creation. It requires cleaning db manually.

    A simple way is to remove every show instances from October, which you said the month that problem starts happening. Steps for example:
    1. login to db airtime
    2, delete from cc_show_instances where start > '2014-10-1';

    Side effect would be ALL SHOWS AFTER OCT,2014 WILL BE REMOVED. Please be careful.
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    if you just run this delete, the population of shows will have problems. I'm not really sure what's the best way to deal with this. You can set all your currently running shows to end Oct 1, and delete the shows instances like up above, and start making shows again starting in October. Or you could switch the UI to be UTC time, and then try to find problem shows and delete them from the database individually, it can be time consuming though.
  • Hello. I hops all is well during this covid season. Has anyone come up with a safe and simple fix for this issue?