Blank translation
  • Hi Guys,
    Congratulations! Your work help us a lot!
    I had discovered newscoop since about 3 months ago. So, I have only one difficult at moment. Please help me:
    My translations never works. then, the articles are in brazilian portuguese and date, and others informations are showing in english.
    When I try a translation, I receive a blank page. My environment:
    Debian Squeeze. I had tryed with the binary and downloading the latest 4.2.1 form you. I started trying with a virtual host with ISPConfig but, dont worked. At now Im using newscoop out of the box like a dedicated server. Its working wonderfull, but not in my language.
    I had translated the _conf translates of themes to brazilian with possible english names but nothing. For last I had translated the localizer, that I will send for you as a translation and the java scripts langs. Nothing solve my translations blank pages.
    The apache2 errors log not show errors.
    I think thats is a litle bit that Im forgoting to do.
    The goal is: every in my Newscoop site be showed in brazilian portuguese.
    Thanks for the opportunity and waiting for help.
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  • Hello,
    I'm not sure whether it's the cause of the problem, but give it a try:
    1. You want to use "Portuguese (Brazil)" code pt_BR
    Try to go to your admin area -> Configure -> Languages -> Portuguese (Brazil) and in the field "Name" delete space after the closing bracket of the name field  - Portuguese (Brazil)[space]  (note: [space] shows the space position)

    2. Also remember, that the config file should have the name Portuguese (Brazil).conf and be placed into the _conf folder of the theme assigned to desired publication (usually placed in /themes/publication_[2] folder, where [N] stays for the ID number of the publication.

    I did try to use pt_BR language in my installation and that leading space was the problem, as in that case it wasn't able to identify the required config file due to difference in names.
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  • Hi Andrey,
    Many thanks for your reply.
    Before back again here in the forum, I had tryed a lot and discovered something in this way you are saying.
    Only was not checking yet the languages config. After read your help I tried like you say e works for me.
    At now Im working on it and will report the final results here.
    Thanks again!
  • Im here back:
    I choose Portuguese (Brazil) in publication and in sections. The head and some areas from page appears in choosed language, but never show the article. I get a blank space where the content from article must be showed.

    In log files from apache2 its only one I can see:
    PHP Deprecated:  Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in .../HTML/QuickForm.php on line 597...
    Repeating this message changing only the number of line from QuickForm.php like 1707, 1864.

    My php version is PHP 5.4.4-14+deb7u7

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