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DJ on the fly & Mic Input
  • Is there a way to DJ on the fly (Without a show scheduled) 


    Is there a way to input a mic.

    Reason i ask is i have multiple DJ's on a voluntary basis and set schedule is not an option, My DJ's are from various locations and would log on via a remote server all using the same server (not installed on every dj's pc) 

    For this a web interface is great but without a Microphone it would not be suitable for our projects.
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  • As far as I know there is no possibility to manage live show using the airtime web interface. You need to use a separate pc (with mixxx, winamp, etc. installed) to broadcast a live show to a source in airtime (master or show source). Then it would be forwarded further on. Those sources are superior to scheduled play so you can use them whenever you like. Using a pc you can plug in a mic with and (optionally) an external sound card. We managed such a framework in Radio Aktywne PL for quite some time and it workes fine.

    Try checking out the Airtime manual. You'll find there all you need to set up a remote 'live' connection.
  • @Atko This Screencast will help you to see how to handle Live input [ it is also found under the screencast menu http://www.sourcefabric.org/en/resources/screencasts/

    topic: Broadcasting Live with Airtime Pro.

    The flow of this method is

    Mixer/player/playout /Broadcast desk ======> Encoder =======>Airtime (Server) =====>  Streamer(Icecast/shoutcast).

    and this is the recommend way.

    If you have advance skills and requires to have more than one line input( like satellite,mic,preview etc.) then I have a simple discussion here http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/comment/26423
    which can give you the ability to use multiple soundcard

    With this method you can pipe everything  to Airtime ,even used the Now Playing section of Airtime as your playout.

    Enjoy the versatility of Airtime.

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  • use master or show source as recomende above.

    mic input depends on how the dj presents the audio to the server.

    if a dj uses cd players (or turntables) and a mixer -> use the mixers mic input.
    most mixer have a master and a record output, use the record output to send it to your pc into butt and stream it to the server.

    djs using programs like traktor or mixx or whatever can also connect a mic to the pc they use to mix. audio will be routed trough the software mixer you will be able to send it to the stream that way.

    "djs"using the airtime playlist to stream tracks are unable to use mic input.
    (they are technicly not dj's but programmers)