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  • Seems that somebody closed my topic..(maybe because they don't want to see that airtime actually sucks)
    Here my answer on @Voisses Tech:

    "A policy I developed long time ago as an administrator is not to upgrade immediately each time"

    This is NOT a new problem! It already exists since version 2.4, since the start when we are using it. (you can also see that, because the topic was older  than a few weeks)
    So the reason why we upgrade to the last version is just to get this one solved!!!
    Please if its not broken do not Fixed it

    And all the other stuff you wrote is completely unrelated...also not regarding the customer scripts etc, because that not part of the ls_script of course! we are talking about the  BASIC stuff within Airtime:  repeating linked shows. That's it.
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  • Voisses is just another user like us and just trying to help, I guess. He is not part  of the dev team or a moderator so he his probably not the right person to shoot. :(

    In fairness Bart, 2.5.1 solved my schedule issues which were exactly as you described.
    BUT, I had to delete all existing repeating shows and redo them all for it to work correctly - because some of the errors were stored in the database. ;-)

    Just my 2c and I hope it helps :)
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  • john, Im not shooting at Voisses, don't get me wrong.
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  • I am not being sarcastic but sometimes I get PBA  (Pseudobulbar Affect ).

    If I read correctly,In November 2013,I see where the @Bart problem seems to be fixed then bam there is an upgrade and its all over again.

    Basically every software and operating system sucks. Only when you built it or add to it yourself and it do not meets your expectation.Then you sucks.

    The other day,I realized NPR have a whole research team,because no matter what off-the-self software they have to customized it for thier use.

    This is typical of any radio station who make it there living.

    I am a software developer,not particularly,Airtime,but let me give you a vaild secret "No real developer sit and please anyone" They do it for their imagination and to suit everyone."a thing we called creativity.

    So,I am not saying or implying this about Airtime or Liquidsoap,I have no knowledge of this or otherwise but if you gripe a lot about anything with developer,you might see they are not there to please you.

    Well do not follow my foolish advice but I think if you read this article

    http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/04/should-i-upgrade-to-ubuntu-13-04 , not endorsing too much ads but the man have to make the dinero.

    then you might see my foolish ways but as I said anyone think a developer can solve all their problem,then just maybe,you ought to think again

    I make suggestion based on not being a user,but a user who want to see answers.

    @John Chewter how could anyone dear shoot a Man that is Dead Already.=))

    @ John Chewter,Let me :-* up to you again,I almost never used the watch folder,but I did all of 4,000 songs which I had in my back up Ls Modification folder.great solution.

    @Bart if you serious about this and any software, implement a testing environment before you roll out fixes to your production environment.

    It saves you a whole time and energy and decreases you blood pressure. and read my disclaimer 

    V.O.I.S.S.E.S. [and this is why I shout].
    Can You Hear Me Now.?

    Oh you do!,

    I might just be Alive or like me you are in the world of the dead.
    and I plead an apology,Cause all I say is when I am" Stoned Drunk"
    "don't worry be happy"

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    Anyone reading this a find it funny about my grammar , I make no apology ,Go get a translator.
    "The Problem with education today is that it takes a university degree to switch on a light bulb"
    "You learn from your mistakes but wise people learn from others mistakes avoid Making mistakes there is not sufficient rooms to make them"
    "Innuendo","If's","Assumptions" and "Fear" are for politician.Who,What,where,When and How are for those seeking knowledge and care about Humanity.
    "I might be in Mud but that does not Make me a Wild Hog(pig)"
    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
    "The only thing that remains constant is change itself"
    May the force be with you,until our path or destiny bring us in tandem.
  • Voisses...you really don't get the point.
    I said already that the fixes were installed in order to FIX the problems that we are having.
      - it was tested first (!!)  , with version 2.4.x.
      - no issues were found.
      - it was deployed on production.
      - after a while we started to get this problem . (!!).
      - then the "fixes" (newest versions) were installed, after small tests on the 'test environment'.
     -  after those "fixes" (newest versions), it was still not solved in production.

    so again, the remarks are completely invalid.
    and to be honest, your mentality is incorrect... in all your remarks you actually say that the problems are caused by "the user", and that the software cannot be blamed.
    It's the first time in my life that I hear that :) it's best practice, but you can never blame endusers of that, as the first focus should always be to check the software..testing of the software should be done by the software vendor. they are "responsible" for  doing running tests & regression tests , etc..NOT the end-user.
    But over here it's even worst...without knowing what the problem is, without knowing in which version the problem was introduced, the user is blamed already? weird stuff!

    "  If I read correctly,In November 2013,I see where the @Bart problem seems to be fixed "

    No, it was never fixed, and that was also no-where written :)
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    Hi @Bart, as said John have you try to delete all repeating shows ?

  • Albert, I'm trying this, but I will only know in a few weeks if that works
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  • It seems you already decided it will not work, maybe did not take the advice and are still complaining that it is still broken.

    It fixed mine and it stayed fixed - but ONLY after i wiped the database and started again.

    As Confusius said 'If nothing alters - it will remain the same.'

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    Hi Bart,

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread because the title isn't helpful to anyone. You're more than welcome to express your displeasure and request help but if the post isn't constructive and isn't appropriately titled it's going to be closed. 

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