install fails; manual, rpi/arm deb wheezy 2.5.1
  • Thanks for any ideas you gents might have with this!

    i'm trying to squeeze Airtime into a rasberry pi (maybe a cubietruck would make more sense, if any exist)  as per the manual (tarball, manual, minimal), however, i'm running into:

    * Checking for user pypo
    User already exists.
    PHP Fatal error:  Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 1792 bytes) in /home/pi/Airtime-airtime-2.5.1-ga/airtime_mvc/library/propel/runtime/lib/Propel.php on line 397
    There was an error during install. Exit code 255

    it doesn't always give up on line 397, it's something else. grepping for "memory_limit" doesn't yield much interesting within the airtime install directory.

    any ideas would be much appreciated!


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    Hi Lee, check your PHP configuration for a fixed memory limit of 256MB, it sounds like you need more than that to complete the install. However you will run into performance issues even if you successfully complete the install.

    In general I would advise running just one part of an Airtime system (for example pypo, or a streaming client) on Raspberry Pi, rather than the full stack.


  • Thank you, sir.
    i've learned it helps to specify the units; memory_limit = 32 (rather than 32M) will do exactly what you tell it to do and limit it at bytes. oops.

    i'm using the audio out on a slightly overclocked raspberry pi, and so far it's useable, if not blazingly quick.

    frankly, I'm really happy. Like your moustache, this is really impressive!

  • Hi Lee
    Would you mind giving us a step by step on how you got this to work? A number of us have tried this without any luck?
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  • sure,

    I worked on it for too long to remember everything accurately (or that i should admit to); it might be best to build another one and document that, if nobody is in a hurry.
    A disk image might be handy to have around, as well.
  • Did you ever document how to get Airtime on the Raspberry pi?

    or better yet is there an image?