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Blank screen after user comment
  • Hello
    When a logged in user adds a comment, enters the Captcha and submits the comment the screen goes blank. Does anyone know  the code to fix this?
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  • Hi,

    try this: enter some section in backend and you will get listing of articles; choose 'preview' for some article, and you will get new tab/window with two frames. Then perform commenting action and check if anythnig is shown in bottom frame (parser errors). 
    Also sometimes these parser messages are not correctly shown in small frame, so be sure to edit source of top frame, and scroll to the bottom of that source - might be that if there are parser errors that they are shown here).
    Also, does newscoop-error.log give any useful information? (shoud be in /var/log/apache2/newscoop-error.log)
    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric

  • Got it, working good now, thanks for your help.