Airtime Scheduling Problems"Cannot schedule overlapping" and Newbie Advice for airtime management
  • Hello,
    My name is Whiskey, I run an internet station called
    I am migrating the station from my own proprietary scheduling and playing solution to Airtime (hopefully)
    I searched the bug reports and the log files and cannot find my issue or a good way to access and or reset the database.

    Here is the first issue.
    The Scheduler has blind spots.  
    It won't let me put repeating events in some instances.  Its very frustrating.   
    It spits back "Cannot schedule overlapping shows" when clearly there is no Overlapping shows
    The blind spot is between 20:00 and 00:00

    Is there an easy solution or another way of accessing the same information and changing it from the command line?

    it seems similar to this problem which is noted as fixed recently,

     have the following changes been committed?   I have updated and restarted ubuntu, airtime, and my php version

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    Hi Whiskey,
    to delete all shows in calendar type
    sudo -u postgres psql airtime -c "delete from cc_show"
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  • Hi Whiskey,

    Which timezone are you in? There was a bug in 2.5 that would cause this error to happen, but only in some timezones.
  • Thank you hoerich, I will try that soon, but is it going to be a problem over and over or would you chalk it up to bad luck?

    Denise, I am in NYC (Eastern Standard Time)

    Can you link the bug report?   I will look myself of course.
    Thank you


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    Thank you hoerich, I will try that soon, but is it going to be a problem over and over or would you chalk it up to bad luck?

    I haven't had this problem again, after executing this command a few weeks ago
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    Most of the time an issue is located between keyboard and chair.
  • Whiskey, the bug I was referring to is here
    A fix has been committed to the 2.5.x branch for it.

    You're welcome to install Airtime from the 2.5.x branch and let us know if you're still having the same problem.


  • @Denise Thats the exact problem I am facing, thank you, its good to see that its being fixed
    I have no problems testing out 2.5.1 but is it built yet? Where would i find this branch?

    @hoerich I am going to try deleting the calendar after the 2.5.1 fix, which seems to address the issue,

    since i started testing airtime, my website was destroyed,
    So I need to focus on restoring the drupal backend of the website for a week or so.   

    Its looking like Airtime 2014 now.


  • @Whiskey It has not been released yet and you will have to install it from git by forking our repository

    If you're not familiar or comfortable using git but would still like to give it a go, feel free to ask us any questions.

  • Denise,

    We, at Radio Aktywne PL, are also facing this bug. Do you have any idea when will the 2.5.1 be released (debian pack)?
  • @Marcin,

    2.5.1 will be released around December 17th, so not so far away :)

    If you want your hands on the bug fixes before that, you can install the 2.5.x branch from git, or here is a download link:

  • I'm having the same problem and attempted to make the fix.

    I'm a complete Ubuntu noob but I don't have a /var/lib/airtime directory 
    I'm running on my Ubuntu 12.04 server running in WMware Player.
    I used the airtime-full-install scripts from the 2.5.0-ga.tar.gz

    The only AddShowWhen.php file I can find is in /usr/share/airtime/application/forms

    I edited and saved that file and restarted apache2 - No luck.
    I'm still getting the Overlapping Show issue.

    I even tried to switch the station and the show to UTC so I could crowbar the show into the schedule.

    I rebooted the server... just out of superstition - still no luck.

    I've gone back in and verified the file has the fixes listed in CC-5539 and CC-5571

    I first had Airtime installed on a laptop with 12.04 desktop.
    I did that install using the .deb package and on that machine, I have the /var/lib/airtime/tmp/airtime_mvc directory.

    Oh, BTW.. I don't have the Overlapping Show problem on the other machine.

    What am I missing?

    No rush. I have until 10 PM EST until the station goes to dead air for two hours. :-)

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  • I think I have fixed this issue in branch cc-5594

    Can you work from git?

    Please tell me your station timezone
    Your user timezone
    Your php.INI timezone

    What timezone you're creating the show in.

    For now to get this to work try making all these values the same.
  • The php.INI timezone shouldn't need to be changed, try with the other 3 first to match them.
  • I would make sure the system hardware clock and timezone is correct - just for good measure. In your hosting control panel probably.

    No longer using Airtime or Libretime.
  • Bingo!

    Station, User, Show and host machine are all on "Americas/New York"
    VMWare Tools are set to synchroniz Guest time with Host.
    The station time has always been displaying the correct EST time .


    Ubuntu was on "Americas/Los Angeles"

    I did dkpg-reconfigure tzdata to correct the timezone and restarted.
    I still can't fill the slot.

    When you say "work from Git," do you mean can I download and install from there?
    I think so, if it's just a matter of copying the various .php files listed in CC-5594.
    Of course, there a dozen or more.

    If you mean downloading and the extracting the whole 2.5.1 package, 
    I guess that would be the as running the initial install.
    Can I just run the full-install right over top of the existing install?
  • Work from git was just if you have installed from git you could switch branches to use the updated code. Are you OK with databases? If all your timezones are the same already this could be a different unfixed bug right now. What slot are you trying to fill? Worst case a show instance can be manually put into the database for now
  • Can you post a picture with the overlapping error message to show the when part of the form and your calendar?
  • I'm trying to fill the slot out to midnight (see attached screen cap), which I can currently only stretch from 20:00 to 22:00.

    I'm comfortable with SQL but don't know how to work from a command line.
    I tried attaching to the database from my Host with MS SQl Management Studio as root with my database password but I don't know the port number.
    I have to look up my connection string info.

    update: I'm install phpMyAdmin right now

    update again: Aw, Jeez. Nothing goes right. I can't find the Airtime database.
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  • ok, so this show is set up as a repeating linked show. Have you first tried to see if you can drag this show on the calendar to midnight instead of going through the edit form? Maybe somehow that could avoid the bug, I'm not really sure how this code is working right now though. 

    Do you have this gap every saturday and sunday then? Which version of Airtime do you have installed? 2.5?
  • Oh for crying out loud.
    I didn't know you could just drag the time blocks!

    RTFM or at least watch the YouTube videos.



    Yes, it's 2.5.0. 
    I just downloaded and installed it on... say... Wednesday, 12/4.

    Thanks so much Naomi and John.

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  • OK so that didn't throw you any overlapping error when resizing by dragging on the calendar? It worked fine, all your shows are until midnight now?

    I'll have to lookout for a bug then with this show adding form.

    Glad it worked out :) Sorry you had to go through that in the first place though. I'm debating whether or not to remove this overlapping check completely since it seems extremely prone to bugs and I don't think it's possible for it to work 100% of the time.
  • Yes, all of the future shows are now filled out to midnight.
    Once you showed me the work-around, I was able to make that show and the preceding one three hours each, as I had originally intended. I couldn't move the start time with drag and drop, since they're linked, repeating shows, so:
    1. I deleted the latest show
    2. dragged the 18:00 show out to end at 21:00
    3. added a one hour show at 21:00
    4. used the calendar to drag it out to midnight.
  • @Matthew

    Are you still using 2.5.0 ? If so and you'd like to donate your database to us for testing we would really appreciate that.

    You can get the database dump file with the following command:

    sudo -u postgres pg_dump airtime > airtime.sql

    Thanks :)

  • Sorry, Denise, but as noted in another thread 
    I messed up something my media library and created a whole new virtual machine.
    I installed 2.5.0 from git but immediately had to upgrade to 2.5.1 to cure another problem.

    I deleted the old virtual machine from the Overlap issue from disk, so I have no logs or database left from that install.

    Now, I'm hitting an issue addressed in yet another thread re: multiple log entries per song played out.