Linked showes out of sync
  • I have a lot of linked shows but nowthe content is totaly out of sync. 

    One show that starts 15/11 12.00 Has content that starts at 12/11 23:45 so obviosly nothing is playing.

    The clock in Airtime is ok but I dont know if everything was out of sync when the shows got created. is it any way to force airtime to recreate the content in linked shows?
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  • You will have to remove the content and then add it back in.

    Which version of Airtime are you using?
    Did you change your user setting timezone or the default timezone setting in Preferences at anytime in between creating the show and adding content to it?
  • Its 2.4.0. 

    No I did not change the time-settings but its on a computer in a studio in Tanzania with a lot of power-cuts...