2.5 Schedule Problem - Show spans over midnight
  • I scheduled a show That starts at 23:000 in 1st Nov and finishes at 01:00
    After adding that show,  I am seeing odd stuff.

    Example: In ANOTHER show on the 1st - a show's content that is 2 hours long is reporting that it contains an over-run of 24 hours and the schedule wouldnt play it

    Other various drag and drop issues have started happening on this day also. All after adding the spanning show.

    Composite screenshot attached.

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  • Hi John,

    Is it possible to get a dump of your database so I can have a deeper look?

  • I had to remove the broken program to unjam the server
    But yes will do that later today

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  • Here is the dump
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  • Thanks John

    I created a bug ticket for this:

    I can't reproduce this yet but I hope to have a solution for this soon.

    As a workaround for now, if you remove the content from the show and re-add it, the schedule will correct itself.
  • Arg!

    When the spanned show started it did this:

    On the public player.....
    The correct show started playing at 23:00 as expect. Good.
    AND one that was scheduled for 23:00 the following day!

    AND On the Listen now backend monitor was playing the fallback track!
    All at the same time.

    I rebooted and It resumed exactly as before :(

    After a minute or two the backend monitor stopped playing the fall back and played the correct program.
    I deleted the following day's program and that stopped playing.

    Then it was playing as expected.

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  • Hey John,

    Your show's content for 'Citizen Sane - The Flatwoods Monster #1' scheduled on Sundays, Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 23:00 - 00:00 are getting start times set to the show start time less 24 hours. That is why you were hearing two tracks playing at the same time.

    I'm having trouble trying to reproduce this. Can you tell me how you created the shows? And if you made an edits to the shows after they were created?


  • Your software scheduled it - you tell me?
    Wasn't me
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  • I'm referring to when you created the show in the calendar with the show form.

    I'm looking for the steps you took to create the show and any modifications done to it, via the edit show form, after it was created.