jackd with liquidsoap
  • is there any way to have jackd running with liquid soap, heres my scenario i have a plugin called stereotool (www.sterotool.com) its an audio plugin that enhance sound i can run it in vst or stand alone it produces pretty good audio quality i am trying to figure out how ot have it run with the liquidsoap audio engine not sure how to though, any help would be good i found a few link to a jackd liquidsoap combo not sure how to go about it though https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+package/liquidsoap-plugin-jack
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    this should be possible with liquidsoap

    • input.jack

      Get stream from jack.

      • id (string – defaults to ""): Force the value of the source ID.

      • buffer_size (int – defaults to 2): Set buffer size, in frames. Must be >= 1.

      • clock_safe (bool – defaults to true): Force the use of the dedicated bjack clock.

      • server (string – defaults to ""): Jack server to connect to.
    see here http://savonet.sourceforge.net/doc-svn/reference.html

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  • not sure how i would do this i'm a newbie
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    You want to mess around with Airtime's Liquidsoap instance?

    if you want to mess around with airtime-liquidsoap, you have to edit ls_script.liq

    see more here http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/15701/fallover-101-how-to-make-all-scripts-worked-easy-steps-to-build-your-scripts-fixed-silence#Item_17


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  • "jackd with liquidsoap".

    Never taught of this and its great that you brought it up.
    You see I used the IDJC,which supports jack and thats how I used it previously to stream rivendell,now you give me a thought.

    I have an hack whereby when you select the Airtime Hardware Output it populates the Input also with the same device ,you could also use say the Third GUI for the stream and the details you input would become the input stream details. This would change the code I wrote for the Input and allow you to select the various Input/Output device.

    Its now nice to include Jack.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I will test later.


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  • yea would be great so i could run that stereotool plugin in stand alone all i would have to do i choose the sound device