Newscoop - from one problem into the other
  • After I've finally managed to install Newscoop I try now since two days to publish a new publication. Pure horror !
    From one error message to the next.

    I followed the manuals step by step hundred times . And the result : blank pages.

    I've now to delete all files, a new installation and then another try. The last one.

    I think the best will be to create a self-help group for Newscoop damaged :  )
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  • Well buddy. I am happy to let you know that I *just now* 100% successfully installed Newscoop following the DEBIAN/UBUNTU installation guide.
  • Hi Jobe,

    can't follow you exactly. The step of installation I also managed successfully. After two days.
    But wait a little bit, the real problems will come soon.

  • Peter Sturm:

    Can you give me a some information to check it? I am installing on Ubuntu or Debian and I get no problems. Maybe I can help?