An 'Improved' AT Widget jquery.showinfo.js is here
  • This is a slot in replacement that additionally highlights the current playing show in week view.
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    can you give a demo website ?
  • Sure
    I am about to load up some programs and so will give the link when there is something to see (later today probably).

    The playing show has a light grey background.

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  • This is good.  I'll try it out.  How can the background colour be changed?

    One of the issues with the weekly schedule is that on Sunday it will show the past week and nothing for the upcoming week.  It would be nice if the current day is in the middle so that there will always be a schedule shown for the  next few days.  Your next project John :)

  • I was a lazy boy :-L Find the line with background-color: #cccccc; I think there is only one and change that. I did it that way so there was only one file to swap.
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  • Any  live demo maybe?
  • Hi John
    I tried this and there was no change.  I modified the line:

    html +='<tr style="background-color: #2C6700;">';

    But did not see a change.
  • in a day ors so will release next attempt here is alpha test

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    Hi John,

    Please send us a pull request against the git master branch when you have this widget ready, it's a really good idea to highlight the playing show :-)

    As for having the option to display the schedule for the week ahead, I know someone working on a pull request for that and it should be available soon. It's actually a small change, lines 350 to 354 in ApiController.php to:

     $dow = array("monday", "tuesday", "wednesday", "thursday", "friday",
    "saturday", "sunday", "nextmonday", "nexttuesday", "nextwednesday",
    "nextthursday", "nextfriday", "nextsaturday", "nextsunday");

    $result = array();
    for ($i=0; $i<14; $i++) {

    Then if you want to change the sample widgets to display next week as
    well, update line 241 of widgets/js/jquery.showinfo.js to label the
    extra days:

    dowText:{monday:"Monday", tuesday:"Tuesday", wednesday:"Wednesday",
    thursday:"Thursday", friday:"Friday", saturday:"Saturday",
    sunday:"Sunday", nextmonday:"Next Monday", nexttuesday:"Next Tuesday",
    nextwednesday:"Next Wednesday", nextthursday:"Next Thursday",
    nextfriday:"Next Friday", nextsaturday:"Next Saturday", nextsunday:"Next

    and in line 253, update to match:

    var dow = ["monday", "tuesday", "wednesday", "thursday", "friday",
    "saturday", "sunday", "nextmonday", "nexttuesday", "nextwednesday",
    "nextthursday", "nextfriday", "nextsaturday", "nextsunday"];


  • A bit more to do that that, I am afraid. Mine has to be correct anywhere in the world - regardless of timezone and time of day. Or else you end up with half empty day schedules at gmt-12. Progress made - it nearly works now..

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  • Update
    I now have extended the weekly schedule widget to display show times in client's local time, the Genre and show Description. Also I made available the show's color and background color - for future use. It also highlights the playing show.
    It would be helpful for somebody else to test these patches on a local test machine, before I make them publc. Any offers?
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