Get full schedule AIRTIME API question
  • Hi guys. I need to get the full schedule of a show. I can't talk in terms so I'll try to explain. 
    I have 1 show and 1 show is 24 hours. These 24 hours are distributed to my djs (I'll call these dj-shows) . Every one of them has some time to play music. I need to get the titles of those distributed time zones. Is there a way to do that ? With the Airtime API i get only the current dj-show title the previous and the next. What i need is to get all of them. 

    If you still can't understand me I'll post a screenshot to make it more understandable. Thanks in advance!
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  • I think i know what you mean and i tried this and an auto schedule didn't work for me so i separated the shows (for you it would be djay shows into the hourly and daily slots)...this works though timely but now instances can be linked, it just requires tweaking once the initial setup is done...

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