Need Help ! - Saving Sorted File List in the Library by showing the latest uploaded File
  • I recognized a Problem in the recently updated Aitime Version. In all older Versions, I've found new uploaded Files on the top in the Library, after changing the view by clicking once (!!!) the Uploaded Button to sort the list, as I needed it. Every time when I went to the Library, the latest Uploaded File was found on the top of the Library List, without the need to sort it again. Even when I locked out of the Airtime System. Now, with the latest update, the view is always changing back to standard (Picture 2) and I see the oldest, uploaded Files in the Library... I have to sort it everytime, when I'm switching for example to the Calendar and back by clicking the Uploaded Arrow, every time when I open the Library List. Grrrrrrrrrrr

    Any Idea, what to do to solve this problem ?
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  • Currently the title is hard coded to be the default sorting column.
    We have a ticket open now to fix this here

    In the meantime you can make one simple change. See here

    Just change that line to:
    oTable.fnSort( [ [29, 'desc'] ] );

  • Thanks for your help, Denise !

    Best Regards from Germany !
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    This has been fixed now in 2.5.0 to just save any sorting settings you make on the table.

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    Very nice!
    It would also be helpful, if the column headers are always shown when scrolling down.
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