Thanks to the Team
  • Contrary to some outrageous comments I laud the team a sourcefabric for there effortless an "untiring" moments to bring us a totally remote form of operating a Radio Station.
    I have found it intuitive and applicable to my general life.
    As a person active with Non - profits organisation in remote locations I find this programming welcome.

    I once read a comment that Airtime is just some "Scripts".Well for those of us in computer programming all form of computing is a script that is translated in a User Interface. wether it be vlc,ffmpeg,mencoder,etc.they are all scripts.

    On behalf of everyone,If I may say so .Thank you for your time and effort to make my job easier.

    Anyone reading this a find it funny about my grammar , I make no apology ,Go get a translator.
    "The Problem with education today is that it takes a university degree to switch on a light bulb"
    "You learn from your mistakes but wise people learn from others mistakes avoid Making mistakes there is not sufficient rooms to make them"
    "Innuendo","If's","Assumptions" and "Fear" are for politician.Who,What,where,When and How are for those seeking knowledge and care about Humanity.
    "I might be in Mud but that does not Make me a Wild Hog(pig)"
    “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
    "The only thing that remains constant is change itself"
    May the force be with you,until our path or destiny bring us in tandem.
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  • Thanks Voisses - we appreciate the support!
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    Albert FR said:

    Where is the person who say that ?
    I'm calling Al Pacino (scarface version)


    Thanks to team and forum-members!
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  • Awww, thanks hoerich! 
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    Where is the person who say that ?
    I'm calling Al Pacino (scarface version)