theme based on topics not on sections
  • Is there any theme that is based on Topics  not on sections to start with

    as the cookbook says : "Some publications using Newscoop replace the concept of issue >
    section > article entirely and order their content exclusively using

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    Hi John,

    All sample themes from Sourcefabric have a section page template, but that doesn't mean you have to use it. For example, you could create a front page template in which there were no links to sections.

    Here is a sub-template which lists five articles from a given topic, regardless of the issue or section they may belong to:

    That sub-template is included by this template:

    which can be called from anywhere you want. So for a topic-driven navigation, you might wish to list all available topics where the article count was greater than zero, and then provide links to pages listing all articles under each topic.

    The trick would be to keep the navigation usable if large numbers of topics were added by editors, so you might want to plan for that - or go for something like a tag cloud, which can keep on growing.



  • thank you Daniel for the clarification ,most appreciated.

    and i would be thankful if you can help me in the following
    I am trying to build a multi-level menu from topics which will be the main menu for my site
    and i am using list_subtopics to make it , but it s not allowed to use list_subtopics inside itself to list the childreen of each topic ,
    it would be a great help if there is another way to create this kind of menus

    Best Regards
  • Hi,

    seems that nested {{ list_subtopics }} work - just tried. Template reference ( wrong in this case, we will fix that. 

    Enjoy nested lists of subtopics!
    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric
  • thanks Ijuba  :)