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Airtime recording live shows - Any way to automatically add file metadata or format file names?
  • Hello - absolutely fantastic work on the project!

    I currently run an online radio station consisting of live dj shows that are streamed through the master source in Airtime and recorded. These recordings are then uploaded to my website for indexing and download. However, I was wondering if there was a way (in Airtime or another program) to add metadata or change the layout of the file name? Currently I am naming and updating metadata individually for each of the 36 shows per week.

    Ideally I'd like to name the files in the format of "SHOW NAME - GENRE - DATE" and save them all into 1 folder, rather than the current "TIME - SHOW NAME - BITRATE" in date based folders. Having metadata would be the main advantage though, having Show Name be the 'Title', Genre for the 'Artist' and Date be the 'Album' - perhaps even being able to have albumart as well!

    If there is any solution (no matter how complex) to do this stuff automatically, I'd love to hear it.

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  • I know the SF team are busy and rightfully so.
    Is there anyone else that could possibly offer some insight?

    Surely there's a line of code that dictates how the files are to be named? All I need is direction to that code and I can do the rest. Being able to edit that code to include metadata in the recordings would be even more awesome!
  • Roger was unable to help in this instance - so I pose this question yet again:

    Is there a file I can edit that dictates how to name a show recording in Airtime?

    eg. take 'SHOW NAME', 'DJ' and 'DATE' and name the file: "SHOW NAME - DJ - DATE.mp3" 
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    I love your message, because i search exactly same thing ! See my message in bad english : http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/15216/change-mask-for-recorded-files ;)

    I want to uploading easily files to my drupal website for podcasting.

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  • That is good to hear Yannick, I have sent you a message so that we can communicate further.

    Is anyone able to offer some insight? Perhaps even directing me to the location of which file works out the format for naming the recordings? I'm sure it would be somewhat modifiable? Once the files are named correctly I could then use a program such as MP3Tag to correctly evaluate and add metadata to the file.

  • Just giving this post a bump - is there anything that I can do?
    Maybe someone can direct me to a file that I can edit myself? What tells Airtime how to name the recordings?
  • Yeah, Sam! PM me...
  • ..anyone at all?
    Do the people that write Airtime frequently come on here or is this a user based forum?
  • Hey Sam, 

    yes - we're around and one of us is usually online in the forum :) 

    Check out our latest announcement here
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  • most encoders (like butt and M3w) give you and option to change the meta-tags to custom tags through txt files etc.

    A next way is push your live stream though the failover  <mount > </mount> and it will pick up the Metatags from like SAM etc.

    You could use Ex-Falso or EasyTag to do batch process for recording'

    hope this is what you are looking for if not tell me what your Dj's use for Live shows I may can make a suggestion

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  • Thanks for taking the time to reply guys - however my question is yet to be answered.
    Maybe more insight into my setup will help more...

    I have a 24/7 audio stream, from 6pm - Midnight each night there are live DJs playing via a single studio/computer. This stream is coming live from the Soundcard > BUTT > Master Source into Airtime.
    Each of these shows (1 hour long) are being recorded via Airtime's recording feature and saved onto a hard drive. These files are saved with a filename such as: "TIMEOFSHOW - SHOWNAME.ogg". 

    I would basically like to be able to modify how Airtime names these recordings and then take them into a program such as MP3Tag to do batch file renaming and add metadata. However I need Airtime to correctly name the files before I can do that.

    So basically, which part of Airtime's make-up dictates how a recording is named? And how can I edit that file?

  • It sounds like the recording bitrate and how it's named is hard coded at this point. Are there any plans to make these user configurable in the future? In particular, the bitrate.

    One could run a script to rename the files as required. I bet there is also a command line tag editor that could also be invoked via a script. You could use cron to schedule this script.

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