Airtime And Rasperry PI
  • Has anyone tried this combo?

    The device can be overclocked to 800mHz and some video resources shifted from video to add RAM

    We're able to get lamp running on the box with the exception of installing prostgre in lieu of mySqueel

    I suspect this might be underpowered BUT if you could get it to work, you'd have a 35.00 radio station!

    Especially if the jquery being run would support the upcoming hard float flavor of Java from Oracle would help performance greatly


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    raspberry pi is a pretty machine, but too small for airtime...
    not enought memory... (Min. is 512)
    processor too light...
  • I have been away for what seems like an eternity, now i am trying to get caught up. I know that you are talking about using the raspberry pi as the server, and i agree it is far to light. However there is another way to look at using this device in conjunction with airtime.

    The original reason i started with airtime was the idea of a mesh network radio station. Please realize this is a violation of FCC regulations if used as a distribution medium,  but i wanted to set it up for the sake of learning. The raspberry pi is perfect for as a harness to receive the airtime stream and broadcast this audio to a broadcast radio.
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    Raspberry pi is too small for this, no enough memory and a too small processor

    but perhaps another machine more powerful can do that...
  • Albert is correct. Currently Liquidsoap (our audio engine) needs to transcode every stream in realtime (even same formats such as mp3->mp3 are transcoded in realtime).

    There are a few hacks to get Liquidsoap running with a much simpler mp3 encoder (see here: but, I think the user experience from the Web UI perspective would still be poor.
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  • There is a new edition of the Raspberry Pi that has 512mb of memory and has a turbo mode that pushes the processor to 1GHz.  Would this work (I know it wouldn't work for the Web UI...but I would do that from another computer)?

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    perhaps now, but need to try ;)

    you can try with this one ( ) apparently ubuntu is installable on it :D
  • Reply to @Justin+Kimberlin:

    I just got the old Raspberry Pi, so I'll be playing around with it and see how Airtime runs. We'd love to hear your experiences on the newer model, if you need any help install Airtime on it, let us know :)
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  • Hi all,

    Liquidsoap has been demonstrated to work on a raspberry pi with a simple stream and the shine encoder. However, since all the internals are in floats, it starts lagging as soon as you add any signal processing such as crossfade etc..

    That being said, the raspeberry pi actually has a FPU but it wasn't supported by the Debian build that was running on it at that time. Since then, a debian build supporting the pi's FPU has been published. 

    Using it with the shine encoder, one should have pretty reasonable performances. Probably not enough for multiple streams but still.

    As for Airtime, this is not my expertise so I'll let Martin report on that :-)
  • Reply to @Romain+Beauxis:

    We will only know by trying! Will look into it as soon as I find a 12v adapter for the Pi :)
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  • Final got my Raspberry Pi up running Raspbian (Debian Wheezy) today. Results of my testing:

    -Airtime installs successfully
    -Right after install the Raspberry Pi slows down to a halt.

    Simply typing a command into the command-line interface saw a huge delay.

    240MB (16MB was reserved for video memory) is definitely not enough for a postgres db, icecast, apache, liquidsoap, pypo and media-monitor to run concurrently.

    I believe we've had users in the past run Airtime on a 512MB system - coupled with an overclock of the Raspberry Pi's CPU, I think running Airtime might be possible :). Please report back here if you try it.

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  • Just wondering if anyone's tried this with a 512MB Raspberry Pi. I have an AM transmitter that I built a while ago and I was thinking of trying to set up a little station using that hooked up to a machine running Airtime. The Pi would be perfect for this, since it's tiny, so I could take it with me from school to home and back again for holidays and such.
  • Reply to @Tyler+Alderson:

    Do you have a 512MB Pi? If so, we'd love to hear your experience with Airtime on it. It's very easy to install Airtime on the default Raspbian OS (just install the Airtime debian package).

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  • I don't have one, but I was thinking of getting on. The MK802 and similar stick PCs actually do seem better for Airtime specs-wise, and perhaps with a USB audio interface you could hook it up to a small transmitter. I may well try it out...
  • Interesting. I just got the newer, 512M version (it too 6 months to arrive!). I believe it would be tough to have it work well. I am running Airtime on a 512M Ubuntu instance, and it's a tough fit WITHOUT X-Windows & fiends. Plus it's running on a faster i686 processor. But, it will be interesting to see what you folks come up with!
  • Reply to @Rex+Latchford:

    Raspberry Pi doesn't run with X-Windows by default, so other than the processor, it should be a similar environment as your Ubuntu instance. Let us know if you take the plunge :).
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  • Airtime and PcDuino ?
  • Wasn't aware of this hardware. It is much more powerful than the Raspberry
    Pi and so should be able to handle Airtime well.
    On Mar 2, 2013 11:21 AM, "jethro"

    > Airtime and PcDuino ?
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  • Would you be so kind to be able to supply an image of your working Raspberry Pi Airtime? I have tried several times using pulseaudio and I get stutters... I have tried overclocking as well with no success...
  • Our Raspberry PI 512 should arrive today and we will see if we can make it work with AirTime

    It would be a low cost way to deploy

    Cross your fingers
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    Blog post was interesting. Eager for part 3!