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cannot view new publication or previews for new publication
  • I recently installed Newscoop 4.1.1 and have been able to access and use the admin interface via my domain name just fine (example.com/admin/). I created a new publication and selected a theme, then added a new issue with some sections and an article. Then added translations for the article, sections, and issue. I also setup the alias to reference my domain name (example.com). I left The New Custodian example publication, with the alias for localhost, alone.

    However, when I go to example.com, I see "Error: Unable to select a template! Please make sure the following conditions are met:
    there is at least one issue published and it had assigned valid templates for the front, section and article pages;
    a template was assigned for the URL error handling in the publication configuration screen."

    If I set an alias under The New Custodian example publication to example.com, that shows up fine.

    In reference to the error reports, I have assigned the New Custodian theme as the issue theme, and left the templates to default for front page, section, and article. the issue is listed as published. I don't see anywhere an option to choose an error-handling template.

    fyi: This is on a remote, gui-less server, so I can't view localhost in a browser.

    Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hi, did you publish issue(s) in your new publication? If they are just created and not published, then this is expected behaviour.

    Ljuba Rankovic
    Senior Front End Developer, Sourcefabric

  • I published. I left the templates as default however, and having made more publications and deleted them a couple times, it seems to like being explicitly told which templates to use for the 3 page options.

    I have it working now, accompanied by more questions of course.