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@Newscoop-dev: "user_attributes" table
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    Dear Newscoop community!

    A user
    Ruslan Shilov suggests his version of the table user_attributes. It can help for localization issue.

    Fields are the same... but every field (
    except twitter, FB and google+) has an extra pre-field with the name of the attribute in which, accoding the fk_language_id, will be filled in the name of the field.

    For example I putl three extra-records (see the scn below): lang_id 15 - Russian, 27 - Ukrainian.
    Will it be usefull for Themes development? Thank in advance for you opinion!

    In Russian: http://forum.sourcefabric.org/discussion/15121/kak-perevesti-temu-i-samu-newscoop

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  • Hi Community.
    What will this:

    moving fields caption in the database from template is easier process of localization.
    This action make more
    user internface friendly, coz each user can be see interface in his native or known lang.
    ps As option captions
    fileds can be moved to the localization file user.php.
    wbr  R.Shilov.
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