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  • Hi,
    I must confess, all this time "googling" the web,  it has been quite frustrating for me to find all this handy and wonderful tools on-line and none of them are available for windows platforms!

    I had to login into this forum and ask if there's any equivalent software available for windows? Is there any plan or possibility to convert this software to windows or mac? (pls say yes!)

    Thanks in advance and please keep this great work!!
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    Hi Jose, all Sourcefabric software runs via a web browser so you can use it with Windows or Mac desktops, no problem. We would only recommend that you install a current browser, such as the latest Firefox for Windows.

    Our server software normally runs on Linux, but that is typical for content management systems, be they Newscoop, Drupal, WordPress or something else. It is possible to run software like Newscoop on a Windows server, but most system administrators do not choose to do so. If you do not have any server administrators in your organization, we can offer you managed hosting.


  • Hi Daniel,

    That´s great. I use Firefox. I will test some apps right away!
    Now the hard one is how to install and run it on vista... Starting by Newscoop...
    Any easy tips to follow?


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    the ubuntu under virtualbox is my recommendation
  • I´m not an IT expert so I have to give up the idea and postpone this subject for now!
    Though I appreciate both your comments, thanks!


  • Hi,
    You can use easy tool for Windows WAMP or on OS X MAMP. This tool is very easy to use and is userfriendly.