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  • Adding localized interface was a very welcome addition. However, some of us might not need all these language options during log-in. Is there a simple way to disable specific languages and keep only those that are needed?
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  • Currently, there is no way to disable language options via Airtime.

    However, as a workaround you can run this command

    sudo -u airtime psql -c "delete from cc_locale where locale_lang = 'Italiano' or
    locale_lang = '한국어'"

    Of course, you will replace 'Italiano' and '한국어' with whatever languages you wish to disable. And you can disable more with the same command by adding another "or locale_lang = 'some language'

  • Correction: 

    Use this command: 

    sudo -u postgres psql -c "delete from cc_locale where locale_lang = 'Italiano' or
    locale_lang = '한국어'"
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    The best solution would have been to look at php for available .po when connecting to Airtime
    nope ?
  • @Denise : Thanks for the info.Had no luck with the terminal command, but from phpPgAdmin , the sql command was successful !

    @Albert FR : Can you provide the path for the php? Had no luck finding the correct one.
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