Does Airtime currently do this: __________?
  • I saw a demonstration of Airtime at the GRC this past summer.  One of the operations that REC has been doing for the past 12 years is J1 Radio, a Japanese pop music (CHR) format.  J1 has been operating using Winamp with playlists generated by an internally developed playlist generator that has extensive data on each song played on the air and is able to pick songs for playback on various parameters (age of song, track length, current chart position, overall chart history, whether song has an intro, subgenres [idol songs, oldies ..etc], DMCA compliance, etc.).  The system generates a single m3u file and includes IDs and placeholders for various inserts such as weather reports and news reports that are MP3s downloaded from other servers.  The Winamp installation also has an API that permits the broadcast to be interrupted in the event of a major earthquake or tsunami.  This service is monitored by a watchdog program that monitors Twitter and various websites.  Currently playing song is sent to Live365's API using the Oddock "Do Something" plugin.  An REC developed application monitors the Live365 API and uses the current song data for various purposes including a Twitter live playlist.

    I can't find much information in the documentation on what Airtime can do.  I read in various places that there is an API but I can't find any documentation on that. 

    I would like to switch to Airtime so I can have an automation system that runs more in the background and without the dependence of Windows but I can't tell if Airtime can support the features I need in order to make the switch with the least impact on my listeners.

    Can Airtime.....
    - allow the use of playlist script files (such as m3u) to refer to songs in a playlist in a specific order?  Everything I see so far requires me to manually build everything and as a format with 30+ new tracks being added weekly, this could be a lot of work to manually build playlists in Airtime.  I would like to use my program to build a playlist for each hour of the day and have Airtime manage the end of the hour assuring that the next hour starts as close to the top of the hour as possible.  In the alternate, the ability to put parameters in Airtime that permit me to put "weight" on certain tracks where it comes to repeats as well as assure DMCA compliance (e.g. no more than one track from the same artist within an hour).

    - have the ability to receive a HTTP POST that can add an audio file as the next track in a playlist and interrupt the current track being played and automatically advance to the next track and then continue on with the rest of the playlist?  This would be to facilitate our Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) emergency alert system functionality which is interconnected with the Japan Meteorological Agency's nationwide alert system. 

    Any thoughts on these requirements would be appreciated.
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    Q1 : not for the moment perhaps on 2.4 or 2.5 version
    Q2 : idem
  • Hey Michi,

    The Airtime team will be elaborate a little more on specific functionality, but I just wanted to add that I hear you with regards to a full spec/functionality list on Airtime - this needs to be more prominent on the site. I'll look into making this happen. Thanks for the feedback!

    Best, Adam
  • I'd like to revisit this topic a bit: we'd like for our dynamic smart playlists to adhere to DMCA rules.  We are using Live365 for our final playout and ASCAP/BMI tracking and need to ensure we stay in good standings with them.  Currently we have to manually create playlists to avoid getting de-listed at Live365.