Default playlist 24/7 & log file "whats played"
  • Listeners ask me: “What song played yesterday, 5 pm?”, but I don't know - liquidsoap script playing music random.
    What changes I can make with liquidsoap (or other) for automatic creation playlog.txt file with information about path/file and time when it played?

    Example content of log file:
    00:00:00 – jingles/m/first.mp3
    00:00:15 – global/2 unlimited/No Limit/No Limit.mp3
    00:03:45 – global/ELO/Time/Ticket to the moon.mp3

    Thank you,
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  • Just use the icecast log file by enabling that feature in /etc/icecast/icecast.xml
    Icecast stores all the files streamed in logfiles!
    Check this for more info
    <loglevel>4</loglevel> <!-- 4 Debug, 3 Info, 2 Warn, 1 Error -->

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