Training in Romania
  • Salut,

    As vrea sa stiu, daca se poate:
    1) in afara de Adobe InDesign, va fi compatibil Superdesk si cu QuarkXpress-ul ?
    2) se va putea face si flatplan in Superdesk ?
    3) se poate aranja un training in Romania ?

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  • The above questions were directed (some months ago) to the romanian developers in Cluj. Should I write in English for them to understand and answer ?
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  • Hi Marius,

    Sorry for the delay!

    1. We don't have plans for a QuarkExpress plugin as such, but of course Superdesk is built to be built upon, so we're hoping the community will develop plugins like this as they see fit. We're also open to offers for paid feature development naturally... ;)

    2. We don't have any detailed specifics on a flatplan yet for a print-workflow integrated plugin, but it's a great suggestion of course. Here are the mockups for the design interface thus far. It's not a huge leap of imagination to see how that could work with a flatplan module/plugin.

    3. Superdesk training is of course something we'd be happy to offer - we could potentially do this in Romania (and Romanian), depending on what skills you'd like to acquire.

    Best, Adam