MIXXX and a Mic on Button
  • Hi, I'm installing Airtime so that my volunteers can do live radio shows from their own home using something like MIXXX to do it. It looks like a great program if you just want to play music but if you want to do a bit of speech with it the mic button is very small and on the Airtime Skins doesnt exist at all. 

    Is there a simple skin like the airtime ones that include a prominent on and off button for a mic?  or can someone make one? tell me how to make one, i know nothing about code.

    Alternatively another program that will run on windows, has built in streaming capability (like winamp - but thats only shoutcast streaming, need icecast) and a mic button, HAS to be Windows, volunteers wont want to be dual booting laptops to Linux just for an hour a week of radio..... 

    many thanks
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  • Hi Dave,

    I love me some Mixxx, and your question about skins led me to point you to a couple of important resources. 

    First, here's a how-to for making skins. If you have some graphics background and possibly some HTML, making a skin shouldn't be super-hard. http://mixxx.org/wiki/doku.php/creating_skins

    Second, Mixxx has a Windows version too: http://mixxx.org/download/

    Hope these help,

    Douglas Arellanes
    Director of Innovation
    Sourcefabric, o.p.s.

    Find a way or make one.
  • thanks, will have a look at creating my own, unless someone has one made already...... :)