Important Newscoop Security Notice
  • We were made aware of a Newscoop vulnerability just before 1200 CEST today (Thursday Dec 6th 2012). This potentially affects all users of Newscoop 3.5.0 up to Newscoop 4.0.2. 

    The vulnerability exploits the Admin interface’s password restore. Exploitation of this allows attackers to gain Admin access to the site, so 
    immediate action is required

    This quick failsafe fix should be applied immediately. 

    How To 

    1) Login into Newscoop 
    2) Configure > System Preferences 
    3) Set ‘Allow password recovery’ to No 

    This vulnerability does not affect those who already had set Allow password recovery to No. 

    All Sourcefabric customers are already protected and need to take no action. 

    If you are unsure of how to apply this fix or whether you affected, please mail contact AT sourcefabric DOT org immediately. 

    We’re working on a update patch and will let you know here as soon as it is ready. Please subscribe to this forum via mail or follow @Sourcefabric for updates.

    Thanks, Adam
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  • This is now fixed by Newscoop 4.0.3.
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