Airtime Smart Block - Recenet files uploaded?
  • Hey Guys.

    Trying to figure out what rule should i use and how..if i want to have a file added to  smart block according to the last file uploaded.

    Example i have a folder called 'a' and i am uploading multiple shows from the same name but each week it has different episode number.

    (dj a - show a episode 001,002 etc')

    How can i tell airtime to put the latest episode into the smart block?
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  • Hi,

    You can use 'Uploaded' criteria.
  • Hi James.

    Ok.. but what should i write there? i dont think of a good criteria to add after the Upload checkbox..
  • Hi,

    Let me try clarify your case. So you want to create a smartblock which when you drag and drop, populate the latest file uploaded?
  • Btw, if you are tyring to do above case, it's not possible. If you are trying to do something else, let me know.
  • Oh..well yeah that whats bassicaly i wanted to do...or just populate the latest file in ascend order..

    if the folder have files like:

    artist- tilte: 001
    artist- tilte: 002

    i want it to pick 002..
  • Hi,

    I am looking for the exact same feature as described by Guytrance. Is it possible to create such a rule in Airtime 2.2, or should we turn this issue into a feature request instead?

    Thank you.
  • Reply to @Miguel:

    If you could sort by upload time, this scenario would be possible. Unfortunately this is not supported at this time. 
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  • Thank you, Martin.
  • A shell script running external to Airtime could do this for you.  The script would run every hour (say) and then could copy the latest version of the show to another directory (folder).  You set up a smart block that includes this folder and plays everything in it.  The only thing in it will be the latest version of your show.

    What platform (i.e. OS) are you running on?  If it's Unix-based then this wouldn't be too tough.  I am on the road but could even write it for you if you lack scripting skills.


  • Not a smart block, rather a "watched folder".  I am new to Airtime; just learning myself.
  • @Kevin,

    Unfortunately smart blocks do not have a concept of folders to do what
    you've suggested. We will look to expand smart blocks in the near future.
    On Feb 28, 2013 11:36 PM, "Kevin McQuiggin" <<br />> wrote:

    > Not a smart block, rather a "watched folder". I am new to Airtime; just
    > learning myself.
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