Icecast Password
  • without much thought, I changed my password on the icecast server airtime. Does anyone know the password? Or can I see?

    Thank you.
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  • Hi Joao,

    I'm not sure if you are saying you changed password setting on airtime(1) or you changed password on icecast mount point(2).

    in case of (1), go to stream page and expand additional options. You will see all the settings to connect to icecast server.

    in case of (2) check /etc/icecast/icecast.xml on the machine where you installed icecast server.

    Thank you.
  • Well, i change everything on airtime stream, i have to do it with linux console commands, right?

    Thank You!
  • Yes. you should edit either stream page or icecast.xml file so the password from those 2 places matches.

  • Ok, Thank you very much. I`ll do it later...if i have any problem i´ll tell you here.

    One more time, thank you veryyyy much for support :)