Is there a way to get webstream CONTENT to repeat in addition to a scheduled block?
  • It's easy to schedule a show to repeat every week. It's easy to assign a web stream to that show.

    It is NOT easy, as far as I can tell anyway, to get the same webstream CONTENT to show up in that block EACH WEEK.

    So far, it looks like someone has to manually go in there and drag the stream into each week's content, potentially infinitely.

    Is there any way to get the CONTENT of a show to repeat endlessly along with the actual scheduled block?

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    yes, this option is mandatory for all of us but not available yet
    and the record/rebroadcast is only available (for the moment) if you have an audio card into your airtime server...

  • This looks like the similar to the question several of us asked about the scheduler. Here is the scenario:

    1. You use the Library to generate a playlist.
    2. You create a scheduled show in the Calander and select the option for that show to be replayed x number of days/weeks/months.
    3. You now want to add the playlist generated in step 1 to the show created in 2

    There is no option in step 2 to add the playlist during the creation of the show. The playlist has to be added after the show is created and yes it means manually adding the playlist to each repeat.
    I have been told though that this long requested feature is on the list.

    However, there is an interesting option in the create show GUI. Called Record and Rebroadcast. If anyone with experience would like to explain if also records scheduled playlist, this could help me out as a work-around.
  • Yup.. I've been hammering these forums with requests for this Martin.K replied in one of my posts..this is a High priority fix for next release.. 
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  • OK, so the answer looks like 'No, you can't do that yet".

    Is there any kind of hack that will? I'm not above manually tweezing SQL in the database or editing the Python or PHP sources of stuff to hack around this, if someone points me to where that'd be hiding, but at the same time, I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to find that particular needle in that particular haystack.
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    i think the hack will be to wait for future versions...

    for things airtime can't do (yet), you could use the fallback-stream relayed to a webstream of another pc with an app installed that can do more.
    we use airtime in combination with a stream-generating pc running foobar2000 & butt.
    you could use any other 3rd-party-music-shuffeling-app.

    if you read this
    and adapt the liquidsoap-script to load a webstream rather than random songs, it will work.
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  • Reply to @hoerich:I may try out your script, I need to do a live show, then fall back on a recording of the same show that is streamed till the next live show.
  • Closing this issue. The "Link" feature in 2.5.1 does this, everyone is happy now.