Master not Switching for live Show
  • Master input works fine, scheduling a show with uploaded content works, but if a dj trys to connect to live input, the stream switches from master to show for a sec then goes back to playing the master, the only way i could get it to work is by manually stopping the master stream and then the live stream worked.

    This is a clean install and  i followed the instructions in the manual and did a automatic install, maybe i missed something ?
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  • When adding a scheduled show i am given the option to authorize the stream either with airtime or custom auth,  i created a dj account earlier with name and password which are demo demo so i could use airtime auth.

    So i choose airtime auth by ticking the box and choosing the dj from the Who box, i save and add show to schedule, soon as it's time for the show to go live i wait for my streaming client to start sending, but my client reports invalid password, i've tried it with and without the username to connect but to no avail. I'm sure the last version of airtime i tried let me connect with the dj name and password directly ?

    I then tried the same thing but with custom auth, i put source in username box and demo as password my streaming client connects to server with just the password an airtime shows the live stream as live but never switches to it, it just stays on master ?

    Any help is always appreciated.
  • After a bit of testing i changed my streaming client to mixx and now it connects with the dj account, it still won't switch from master to live show tho, all three lights show connections ?
  • Hi Mike,

    At the moment, the order in which those 3 sources are displayed is representative of their priority. If master source is on, then the live source will have to wait until the master source is switched off.

    Customizing the priority of these 3 sources is something we will visit in the future.
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  • I would have thought it would have been other way around, i.e Scheduled, Live then Master, so live would be a fallback to scheduled and then fallback to master if nothing else is scheduled or live.

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