Trouble with TIME in 2.2.0
  • Everybody hi, today i test this version and found trouble with time sync.
    On my server i have sync with time in internet and airtime show same, all right. However, when i listen, i hear previous track but airtime show me next track .. for example i attach file
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  • By the way ... not correct work option - Show - Artist - Title ... when i select this, player show me only Show - Artist ... without Title
  • The time sync might be from internet bandwidth latency, you see, when your player tries to play something from a stream it needs to buffer a bit i.e. download a part of the sound first, that causes a delay.
    Now the other thing with artist, title display is that airtime might take the metadata from the song, and if you don't have a title in there it wouldn't display it, and would not take it from the file name.
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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  • Reply to @Mihai+Balaceanu: as u see my attached file .. there is no streams, only mp3 files and server have time sync from the internet, but i think there is a trouble maby with crossfade between tracks, because of this probably goes wrong time calculating ... i think

    About meta tags displaying - i have crrect metadata in mp3 files, so now i need move title to artist name, because airtime dont want show title