Can I limit the song duration?
  • Hi there!
    I'm adding a song into a 5 minute slot. But I wonder if it's possible to define shorter time (i.e. 2-minute slot), or if its possible to indicate the program that I only want to hear the first 2 minutes of the song (and leave the rest of the 5-minute slot silent).
    Can I do that? Of course I can create a playlist and edit the song length, but this is tiresome! I can also cut the song into a 2-minute song using an external program (audacity, etc) but I'd like something less complicated.
    Any ideas?
    I'm using the Ubuntu version.

    Thanks a lot!

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  • > Of course I can create a playlist and edit the song length, but this is tiresome!

    What would be a better workflow for you?
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  • Workflow? what do you mean?
    We ara using this software to broadast some music (instead of a bell) in our highschool, to mark when students have to change rooms, or marking the end of classes, etc... we do not want thje music to sound for more that 2 minutes...
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    Probably there is no direct way to do that, but we may have some workaround. For instance, you can create a 2 minutes show with contents followed by another 3 minute empty show.

    I agree it would be better to set a playlist with solid length. 
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  • Another workaround that you might consider would be to edit the song (or songs) to 2:00 using a sound editor like Audacity and then upload it to Airtime.

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