Airtime is offline, but ...
  • hi friends,
    please help me with my problem:
    on my machine running "Airtime" but indicator "ON AIR" is still no light, and stream is no available (message info - offline).
    There is some screenshots:
    2012-03-28 15.22-002.png = as you can see, some show is currently playing, but "ON AIR" is not light
    2012-03-28 15.22-003.png = all services are right and are running (correctly)
    2012-03-28 15.22-004.png = Icecast status talks that "Airtime" is offline
    2012-03-28 15.22-005.png = from local machine I try connect stream on that server
    2012-03-28 15.22-006.png = Airtime is offline, the same status

    Please how can I run "Airtime" (let "ON AIR" is lighting)?

    thanks for all
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    Is there any audio in your shows? The screen is just showing you have nothing scheduled in you show. You can add some playlists if you go to the calendar screen and left click on a show -> "add /remove content"
  • Hi Naomi,
    very thanks. It is running (and playing)!
  • I have the same issue. Scheduled audio plays but there is no "On-Air" light.
  • I just had the same problem, on 2.1.2. Turns out someone had turned off the "Scheduled Play" button. So nothing was playing out the stream.

    But then, after rechecking the "Scheduled Play" button, still nothing. I had to "sudo /etc/init.d/airtime-playout restart" to get it to start again, but then it was fine.