Blank Screen On Install
  • I am using GoDaddy as my hosting company. I just uploaded 4,0.2 to my site but when I start the install all I get is a blank screen. No errors are appearing in my logs. I am using PHP 5.3. Can anyone provide some insight as to what the issue may be?
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    unfortunately, newscoop 4.0.x is not suitable for shared hosting. Use any vps/vds hosting instead.
  • I am using newscoop on shared hosting, it is flawless :) Switch over to hostgator! 

    GoDaddy has some very interesting server configurations.

    One of the biggest issues on GoDaddy hosting is your $path is not actually your $path, example: 

    You will see your $path as /home/godaddy/  it is actually


    Godaddy has it's purpose, limited purpose, yet it has one, however if you got/get newscoop installed and working i would be suprised if it even functions *file uploads are restricted on godaddy shared as well. 
  • Reply to @Rick+Wilson: Rick, i switched over to hostgator baby plan and i'm getting the same blank screen issue that Lee was having with I'm using php5.3 so it's not a php version problem. Did you have to do anything else when you signed up with hostgator?