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    I have had a request from users to provide a paper based printout of all tracks in the system.

    This may be a useful report feature via the interface, perhaps outputting to a html formatted page and/or Adobe .pdf format.

    In the mean time, how would I go about extracting such data from the database directly?


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  • Just a quick update.  I have currently installed the phppgadmin web interface to postgresql which has allowed me to quickly export the files table with track name, artist name and track length as a .csv file.  This data I have then formatted into an Adobe Reader .pdf for viewing on screen and printing if they like.  Personally I would not print it as it comes out as about 100 A3 pages, but each to their own!
  • Great tip, Jason! I'll try to add that to our documentation.
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  • Reply to @Jason+Bassett:

    In the future we are looking to implement an API where the user can query whatever they'd like from the database. In the meantime what you did also works :)
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