Airtime 2.1.1 can not access complete library after upgrade
  • The new version is only allowing or reporting 295 of or 50,000 song library. Any ideas?
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    Hey can you please post the media-monitor log by sudo airtime-log -d media-monitor.
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  • I'm having a similar issue with my installation expect that mine hung at 1,326. At first I thought it was a permissions issue so I chmoded the whole directory to 777 (it's only a test machine) but looking at the logs (see mine attached) I think it is an issue with non English character sets in the metadata. I'm going to try stripping everything from the files and adding the folder again.

  • Question:

    How are you guys mounting your source drives?
    Are you mounting them on boot?
    Are the source files on stand alone drives or NAS?

    I'm running 2.1.1 with the source files on a NAS and not having problems like that with 64 bit Ubuntu (pinguy flavor)

    I did have similar problems with file names in earlier versions but I think that's been taken care of in 2.1.1

    I've had the box lock up and need to re-boot a couple times but all the files that show offline ultimately go "online" after a re-import