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How to set overlap between songs in playlist
  • hi friends,

    I have installed Airtime (on Ubuntu Server 11), and I have one (maybe stupid) question:

    How can I set overlaping between two MP3 songs in Airtime playlist (or show)?

    Please some tip

    very thanks

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    You want to talk about fading ? isn't it ?
    if yes is an option of airtime

    on the web interface : system/preferences/default fade
  • thank Albert, but I affraid that I think something different - overlaping of song between them, For example first song is ending (volume goes to down) and in the same moment the second song is starting to play (its volume goes up). Means that in one moment (short time period, maybe 2-3 seconds) we can hear both songs.
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    that's exactly that, fade in, fade out ;)
    my answer is correct
  • @Albert, I believe Fred is talking about crossfading instead of regular fading which is what you are talking about.

    @Fred, relatively speaking, crossfading has received a very low requests rate compared to other features. We do have support for this scheduled in the future. We will increase the priority of this feature if we start hearing more requests for it.
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    @Martin ;)
    perhaps ;)

  • Martin, do you speak Czech (or Slovak)?

    chcel by som prekryť (zvukovo) dve hrajúce skladby (v Airtime), tzn.jedna končí, stišuje sa a nasledujúca už začína do toho hrať.
    Ak nastavím pre obe (za sebou idúce) skladby v playlist-e hodnotu "Fade in" a "Fade out" napr.na 00:00:40, prejaví sa to tak, že prvá začne stišovať, stíši sa na nulu a potom druhá začne z nuly pridávať. Ale tieto sa (zvukovo) neprekrývajú. Jedna skončí a až tak druhá začína.
    Ja by som chcel aby sa tieto skladby prelínali. Dá sa to vôbec nejako nastaviť v Airtime?
  • Ahoj, mluvim Cesky a Slovensky, ale lepsi bude tady mluvit v anglictine aby kazdy rozumel :)

    Ja by som chcel aby sa tieto skladby prelínali

    What you are asking about is "crossfading" support. This isn't something Airtime supports right now, but will definitely support in the future :)
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  • I'd like to add my support for this too - in fact I'd like to go two steps further:

    First, rather than crossfading (fade out Song A, fade in Song B), I'd like to be able to start Song B at full volume as Song A is fading out, at about 5 seconds before the end of Song A.  I *don't* want to fade in Song B, because if Song B has a nice punchy start to it, the impact is lost if it's quiet to begin with.

    I think this is a really key feature - if you listen to commercial radio stations, particularly in the UK, then sound is constant; they do not wait for the song to completely finish before starting the next. 

    Secondly, you could take this one step further and have multiple audio files playing at once:

    Say, for example, that a song C has a long intro, and you had a spoken Jingle.

    You could start song C, dip it and play the long spoken Jingle, fading song C back up at the start of the lyrics.

    Wouldn't that be a pretty cool feature?
  • Reply to @Alex+Stanley:

    That would be a really cool feature :-) . This is something we are slowly getting at. But we have other features to implement in the meantime such as smart playlists, fallback playlists, restreaming existing web streams, localization etc.
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  • Reply to @Alex+Stanley:

    We will get there as soon as we can :-) 
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  • Like this feature too :)

    Crossfading! :D
  • Same here.
    We are considering about replacing our current scheduling and automation system.
    Airtime would be useful because of its remote possibilities.
    But without proper fading capabilities we can't use ist on air.
    "Fadeout" and "Start Next" Tags per song would be usefull. 
    "Fadeout" would start the Fade with a predefined length and at the same time it would start the following song.
    "Start Next" would just start the next song. i.e. when a song naturally hast its own fade end.
    Both tags should also start the following song without any fade. We never needed a Fade In at the beginning of a Song. Maybe cue In, but never a fade.
    These Tagmarks should be stored in the tags of the soundfile, not just in the playlist. When you store them in a per song basis, you just have to set them once and not in every Playlist again.