Airtime 2.1 with real-time show edit and stream rebroadcast
  • Airtime 2.1 is out today and it couldn’t have happened without you.

    You spoke, we listened, and today we’re proud to bring you an Airtime version with real-time show editing and live stream rebroadcasting, plus many audio library improvements (bulk actions! preview any part of a track!), and a whole host of other features that we hope give you greater control over your radio and audio output.

    We need your help for one last thing. Please promote Airtime in anyway you can - a tweet, a facebook post or a link in a forum. If everyone who uses Airtime helps us in this way, the community grows and the software just keeps getting better.

    Say hello to Airtime 2.1!

    Thanks again for all your feature requests, specifications and bug testing. You’re all great. If you find any issues with the new version, please start a new thread. Repos have been updated, so all stations go!

    Adam and the whole Sourcefabric team
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  • The update notification in the web UI will notify you in the next day or so.

    As for the update via apt-get, do you see something similar to the following line

    in /etc/apt/sources.list
    Airtime Pro Hosting:
  • Hello everyone,
    I just upgraded to airtime 2.1 and I am having trouble connecting to liquidsoap.
    I have setup Icecast-KH and airtime connects fine and streams the data.

    Unfortunately in IDJC I cannot connect to master or source in the ports I setup in the user interface.
    My settings are:
    username: master_user
    password: ***********
    master_url: http://blabla:8080/master
    show_url: http://blabla:6348/show

    I also have a question. What is the show username and password so that the djs can connect. Are these their account details from airtime?

    It's very frustrating that a proper manual has not been released so far for debugging purposes.
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  • thank you for this great piece of "quality" software :-)

    For sure, I will promote it !

    easy to install
    really well documented
    nice interface
    full of features
    really helpful forum/team

    ton of thank

    In my opinion, you have to really improve the media-monitoring aspect
    since it's not working as expected (in my case)
    and, as you can imagine, it's something really important when you have to handle an archive of thousands of tracks/mixs,
    not well tagged, stored in different folders.
    I plan to open the radio to DJ and musician, (not to web/Linux and database guru... :-) )
    it should be easy for each user to sort their uploaded track,(all mp3 they own)
    For instance you have added the "uploaded" columns, please add "uploader user" columns
    or the ability, from playlist builder, to select music tracks from their real folder in the storage (/home/blabla/music/country/us/)
    instead of by tag (genre/creator/....)

    Anyway thank again :)

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  • > it should be easy for each user to sort their uploaded track,(all mp3 they own)

    This is a good idea, should be simple to implement as well, ticket created for future consideration
    Post edited by Martin Konecny at 2012-06-05 16:13:19
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  • Still not showing up in the repos.
  • DId you do

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install airtime


    We just tested this to make sure.
    Airtime Pro Hosting:
  • Yep!

    ~$ sudo apt-get install airtime
    Reading package lists... Done
    Building dependency tree       
    Reading state information... Done
    airtime is already the newest version.
    0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
    1920 x 1080 - 69K
  • Hi All,

    in the past the new release available has been notified on the UI a couple of day after the launch.
    I just checked, no news at this stage. We have to wait the update to be propagated I suppose.

    Thanks Sourcefabric Staff for you great effort.
  • Ok, I managed to connect to the master_user, it appears that the password cannot contain characters like "#@$%" etc

    There is only the show issue now. Was I right? Do you connect with the airtime credentials?
  • @Aris

    > I also have a question. What is the show username and password so that the djs can connect. Are these their account details from airtime? 

    When you create the show, you can create a temporary username/password, or you can select the user's Airtime account as the login credentials.
    Airtime Pro Hosting:
  • Reply to @Dora:

    Where are you uploading the tracks to when you do FTP?
    Airtime Pro Hosting:
  • Reply to @Martin+Konecny:

    Interesting... Looks like the upgrade to 12.04 wiped out the sources.list file. No sign of the entry there, added it and now we're downloading.
  • Reply to @Rick+Munday:

    Ok just make sure your line says 

    Airtime Pro Hosting:
  • LOL! OK, will change it.

  • @Dora, Please attach/post /var/log/airtime/media-monitor/media-monitor.log
  • Hi All,

    it's 11:14PM GMT +1 in Italy and Airtime 2.1.0 has been notified available in the UI.

    We're going to upgrade during next week end.

  • Random playlits in this version?
  •  A couple of things I wish. One I wish I could schedule the live parts of a show so i can run ads at regular intervals. Two that the show source would automatically turn on when the dj logs in so i dont have to babysit each show.
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