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    We are about to launch our basic website and there is one last thing I am trying to get right. if we add a url to a show in airtime it displays in the schedule widget. This is excellent. However when you click on the READ MORE link , it opens the page within the frame. Its just a bit clumsy. Is there anything I can do to get it to open a tab or a new page instead?

    Have a look here http://www.basic.fm/ and click on monday in the schedule, then click READ MORE to see what I mean.

    Any help,or prods in the right direction greatly appreciated.

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  • On Basic.fm, the airtime widget is embeded in an Iframe through a wordpress feature.

    when you click on "Read more" you open the link in the same Iframe.

    you can do the same on any else website

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    Hi Fred, thanks for the reply,

    Im not sure I understand you, or perhaps you didn't understand me. I dont want it to open the link in the same iframe, I want it load the link in a new window. i.e. target="_blank"

    I tried hacking around with the jquery.showinfo.js , in particular a line :
    '<li>'+(url.length > 0 ? '<a href="'+url+'">'+options.miscText.readMore+'</a>':'')+'</li>'+

    but I am very rusty, I suspect I need to pop something into a header also :)

  • On line 37 in the showinfo.js file, change

    tableString += "<td><a href='" + shows[i].getURL() + "'>" + shows[i].getName() + "</a></td></tr>";


    tableString += "<td><a href='" + shows[i].getURL() + "' target="_blank">" + shows[i].getName() + "</a></td></tr>";

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    Thanks for that!

    Although alas, it does not work. But I suspect this is something to do with the fact that it sits in a wordpress page. Any thoughts? Do I need to add anything to the header?
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    Ah, also the schedule widget doesn't seem to work in Chrome. Is this a known issue?

    Edit: oh dear I am getting reports from people that the schedule Widget is just not appearing in the latest Chrome, Firefox or Safari under Win7 or Chrome or Firefox on Ubuntu 10.04.

    Edit 2: It was
    target="_blank Chrome would not load it as an unexpected token.
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  • Just had a chance to look at your site. I incorrectly told you to do it for a different widget before.

    replace on line 226
    '<li>'+(url.length > 0 ? '<a href="'+url+'">'+options.miscText.readMore+'</a>':'')+'</li>'+


    '<li>'+(url.length > 0 ? '<a href="'+url+'" target="_blank">'+options.miscText.readMore+'</a>':'')+'</li>'+
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    Martin, you total star! That worked. Excellent. Yes. Thanks so much.
  • This hack does not work with the new widget code for some reason?

    Wait, sorry I just needed to clear the cache. I will leave the comment above as a permanent shameful reminder to check everything before shouting for help :)
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  • Reply to @Dominic:

    :D :D

    Also, just a quick reminder to everyone to update their widget after they've upgraded to Airtime 2.2.
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  • how to do the same to today's line up? the syntax is different than the example shown above.