Airtime not streaming to Liquidsoap
  • Well I am running out of ideas so I think this is the best place to get support!

    So let me get straight to the issue:
    Airtime says it's working fine,
    -- Your installation of Airtime looks OK!
    However the stream in the Icecast server is the random playlist set as default when no show has been scheduled.
    The On Air button is red... the icecast connection is ok. All the processes are shown as fully functional and there is no warning or error in the pypo-liquidsoap log file!

    How should I proceed? I am running a few virtual hosts on that same server, but this has never caused a problem!
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  • thanks for the tip! We are going to look into ways to warn a user ahead of time whether Liquidsoap will be able to play a file.
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    - the light can(t be red if nothing is scheduled
    if you have music ls_script.liq is modified isn't it ?
    what say airtime logs ?  /var/log/airtime  pypo and pypo-liquidsoap ?
  • Well it's a weird bug and I just can't understand what to make of it. Now, out of nowhere, airtime is streaming again! And I did nothing!
    The ls_script is modified only to play random files when nothing is scheduled. The airtime-liquidsoap icon shows that the application is down. However, everything works!

    I guess I'll just wait for 2.1.0 for now...
  • Hi Aris,

    The next time this happens please post the liquidsoap log available in /var/log/airtime/pypo-liquidsoap. There will be an entry pointing to what file Liquidsoap was playing at the moment. 

    I can tell you that if the ON-AIR light is red, then it means Liquidsoap successfully began to play the file. However the file may have become truncated, which is why the track might abruptly end.

    Please keep us up-to-date if this happens again.
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  • Hello Martin,

    I also thought that was the case. Can you propose a utility to check the library folder for problematic mp3s and/or repair the problem?

    So far I am only correcting the tags to UTF-8 with
    find -iname '*.mp3' -print0 | xargs -0 mid3iconv -e ISO-8859-7
    in the library folder.

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    It's really not a good solution
    using ISO in 2012 is an heresy
    UTF-8 is a world standard
    not only limited to English peoples...
  • I know Albert, ISO-8859-7 is the input encoding, mid3iconv converts them to UTF-8 ;)

    mid3iconv --help
    Usage: mid3iconv [OPTION] [FILE]...

    Mutagen-based replacement the id3iconv utility, which converts ID3 tags from
    legacy encodings to Unicode and stores them using the ID3v2 format.

      --version             show program's version number and exit
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -e ENCODING, --encoding=ENCODING
                            Specify original tag encoding (default is UTF-8)
      -p, --dry-run         Do not actually modify files
      --force-v1            Use an ID3v1 tag even if an ID3v2 tag is present
      --remove-v1           Remove v1 tag after processing the files
      -q, --quiet           Only output errors
      -d, --debug           Output updated tags

  • I don't know if reencoding the tags to UTF-8 will help. I was talking about files that have been truncated in size.
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  • Yes of course, I wasn't implying that reencoding the tags could prevent the issue. I was just mentioning it as an example, if there is some matching application that could check the mp3s whether they have been truncated.
  • Hello Martin,
    This is the tail of the log file I got this morning where no music was streaming from the server (not even the liquidtime fallback)

    2012/03/17 02:09:29 [airtime(dot)mp3:3] Source failed (no more tracks) stopping output...
    2012/03/17 02:09:29 [airtime(dot)mp3:3] Closing connection...
    2012/03/17 02:09:29 [decoder:3] Method "MP3" accepted "/srv/airtime/stor//imported/Rev. Gary Davis/Blind Man Blues/14-I Cannot Bear My Burden By Mys-192kbps.mp3".
    2012/03/17 06:00:00 [server:3] New client: localhost.
    2012/03/17 06:00:00 [decoder:3] Method "MP3" accepted "/var/tmp/airtime/pypo/cache/scheduler/2012-03-17-04-00-00/57b7e80cb677e86ddfbb8c61205112dd.mp3".
    2012/03/17 06:00:00 [server:3] Client localhost disconnected.
    2012/03/17 09:00:00 [server:3] New client: localhost.
    2012/03/17 09:00:00 [server:3] Client localhost disconnected.
    2012/03/17 12:00:00 [server:3] New client: localhost.
    2012/03/17 12:00:00 [server:3] Client localhost disconnected.

    Restarting airtime-playout seemed to fix the problem for the time being.
  • For those having similar problems, mp3info utility is the best choice for finding corrupted mp3s in your database.

    sudo apt-get install mp3info to install it in ubuntu and then

    This command in the /srv/airtime/ folder will echo all the corrupted mp3s

    find . -iname '*.mp3' -exec sh -c \
          errors=`mp3info -p "%b" "$curfname"`;\
          if [ $errors -gt 0 ];\
          then \
             echo $curfname has $errors errors; \
          fi ' \;

    You can change the echo line with "rm $curfname " to automatically delete them.

    Careful, you are removing files as root, I will not be held responsible if you destroy your system!
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