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Icecast mountpoint name and stream title
  • Hi!

    I'm using vlc to listen to our radio station. This player add's to the metadata provided by icecast the stream title (you can see this parameter in the icecast status page). By default this is the mount point name. For example now I'm listening to Artist - Title - test_airtime.

    This is what I added in ls_lib.liq to solve the issue:
    output = output.icecast(host = host,
                        port = port,
                        password = pass,
                        mount = mount_point,
                        fallible = true,
                        url = url,
                        description = description,
                        genre = genre,
                        user = !user_ref,
                        on_error = on_error,
                        on_connect = on_connect,
                        name = "My Radio")

    I don't know if you noticed this things. maybe it can be solved for future versions, not hardcoded by some users.

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    You can change the stream labels via the web interface by going to System->Stream Settings and changing the "Stream Label".
  • I know that. I don't know about other players but for icecast streams vlc automatically adds the stream name to the info showed in the title bar. And this it's not set by default in the ls_script.

    For example with stream label in the web interface set to Artist - Title, radio station name: Cool Radio, and icecast mountpoint airtime_test in vlc title bar I get Andrew D - Hearts - airtime_test. And I'm sure it's not about the web setting because I saw in the script the output.icecast statement.

  • Hi Alexandru,

    Can you create a ticket for this?

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  • Thanks for the tip : iTunes radio directory no longer accepts streams with mountpoints as stream description, they removed me from directory because of this !
    Now I can submit it back.
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