Upgrade from Newscoop 3.5.3 to 4.0
  • Hello friends. Tell me please will it be possible to upgrade from Newscoop 3.5.3. to Newscoop 4.0 without loosing information? And is it difficult?
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    it should be but before you need to make backup anyway.
    and please wait for official release to upgrade existing sites.
  • Serge,

    If your site is running in production then you should wait for the final stable release to happen around end of this month, we are still working on fixing a few bugs (couple of them reported by you, thanks for that ;-).

    And even then, you should try the upgrade first in a separate instance, and then in production.

    All Best,
  • Holman, thanx for your response. I was disappointed
    and thought that no one is working on bugs and that I`ll never try 4.0
    version=). I already tried 3 different hostings and the result is zero,
    evrything is OK with installation process and only errors after it..
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    Hi Serge,

    There have been a number of hosting services that have no issues with Newscoop installs mentioned elsewhere in the forums. 

    For a completely carefree installation and maintenance experience, we at Sourcefabric also offer managed hosting:

    All the best,

  • Hello, Sava. I know that you provide hosting and installation on your hosting, but for non-commercial projects the price is high. And version 3.5.3 can be installed without problems (tested by me on several hostings), problems are with the 4-th version. If you want newscoop to be more popular, it has to be more easy in installation on different hostings, so that more people can use it and promote all over the world.