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Wait for the previous show to end
  • Hi!

    Let us consider a case. The current show is 2 hours long but its content is 2h1m long. The extra length (1 minute) will be cut off by the next show. This is very frustrating.

    Is there a way to stop this behavior? I mean, there are many situations when a short empty gap will end a show or the end of the previos show will be cut off. Isn't a way to make a continous block? How would you manage this situations? This would greatly help in a playlist based webradio with not so many live shows.



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    What would you like it to do instead?
  • Only when the current show's content ends up the next show may start (this includes the two possibilities described in the previous post).
    I see it's the specific behaviour for a playlist but maybe you have an idea. Even at t.v. sometimes the next program will begin 1minute later or will end 1 minute before the schedule. But there's no gap or cut.

    Morning Show - 8 - 10 (2h) - associated content 2h1m.
    Special Show - 10am - 12am (2h) -  associated content 1h58m.
    Breakfast Show 12am - 14am (2h) - ...

    Wanted behavior: Special show to start up at 10:01 and Breakfast Show at 11:59.


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    However, sometimes you want to cue the next show exactly and fade to it.  Perhaps it can be controlled by an out cue on the show itself?

    For example if you are doing strict clocks for a satellite head end, you would want to have hard fades at the top of the hour before the news so you might over-stuff your show with instrumental music at the end that fades before the news but before the playlist ends.


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  • These are really good points...so if I understand correctly, we should allow a show to end without interupting it if it goes over its allocated time block. A warning will appear notifying the user to set their cuepoints if they don't want this behaviour.
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  • if you managed to solve this problem?
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    I created a ticket for this: http://dev.sourcefabric.org/browse/CC-3379
    Go vote for it if you want this feature.
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    Reply to @Martin+Konecny:Correct.